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musician PHAM DUY & MEMORABLE APPOINTMENTS by PHAM DUY -- blog pham duy

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musician phạm duy & memorable appointments by phạm duy (blog pham duy)

               musician phduy & memorablappointments
                                                           by phạm duy

                                                                     phạm duy   [i.e. phạm duy cẩn 1921-  saigon 2013]

    When performing in Phan rang in 1944, suddenly one day there was a car of the governor of Phan rang -- Mr. Nguyễn duy Quang to the theater to welcome me to the Palace, between the astonishment of trouper.

    Coming to the palace then I knew Bảo Đại was sitting there.  He often reigned in Dalat when went out for hunting in the forests rather then sitting on the throne in Huế.

    Today he from a certain region hunting down play Phan rang and rest in the palace of Province Chief. I have known the love of the king when he took thượng thư Phạm Quỳnh' s -- Phạm Bích as a personal secretary that he was only beatena very good guitar.

   Stopped viewing audience  is important advocated when sing the song for her to sing more than, I do not have an inferiority complex as he sat hugging his guitar, sang for the king to hear.

    Mr. Bảo Đại very polite, very courteous, after hearinng the song was over, invited me to eat pastries sit and talk to me in French.  Ask me where to learn music?  Ever?  Slightly surprised that my answer is not learned one !  " A king loves art so sure was behind dark glasses he wears, there a lurks a benevolent eye.

   Yeah, it does, undergone many upheavals of history, there are many critics who straps her mouth Bảo Đại was this and that, but I have not seen anyone sy thta he was imprisoned ot killed a Vietnamese South. " Asking about him.  Well, about my family.  A king loves art so sure is behind dark glasses he wears, there lurks a benevolent eye.

   During the past couple of Revolution in the world, you know how many poeple have dissppeared or been imprisoned by the leaders called patriotic.  Done sing the 'bush'
(the voice of the profession are: singing unpaid) when I felt, the governor Nguyễn duy Quang walked me to the door, very delicate, hand wrapping is available a 5 meter cloth filter
 it' s good to give him the young singer.

    With this fabric, I unfortunately get two shirts, one worn until the breakdown, will givew him a poet Nguyễn Bính when you meet him in Saigon a few months later to his shop sold for money to lie Smoking.

   Go to the cinema and breeze is singing for the king listened, shaking his head the whole troupe stick blade admiration.  With an artist' s 20, troubadours, to meet an emperor, it is an unfortunate encounter.

                                           Meetings with the Politicians of Vietnam Republic

   I get to meet and talk Ngô đình Diệm family because my brother Well then- Secretary then as Ambassador of his government.  Go when Nguyễn văn Thiệu government because
 I was Assistant Director of Television so sometimes I have to pick him up every time he went to capture.

   Particularly Vice President Nguyễn cao Kỳ is always met me at his home minister Lansdale arts to recreation activities.

                                                    Meetings with the Americans ...

    Also in Lansdale home minister, I meet writer John Steinbeck when he passed Vietnam to visit children who are disciples Đạo Dừa.

    John Ernest Steinbeck III (1902- 1968) was an American novelist known as the pen has described the relentless struggle of the people must hold on their land for survival.

                                                              john steinbeck [1902- 1968]

                               John Steinbeck to Saigon to meet his son( (right) and thus Phạm Duy (left) be met

    The first work of John Steinbeck buzz is on 'Of MIce and Men' (1937) created a tragic story about two uneducated farmers longing for their own piece of land to cultivation.

    The work is appreciated The Grapes of Wrath least (1939), Pulitzer Prize man (1940), made the Joad family' s story, being poor in a uncultivated areas of bang Oklahama Dust Bowl, had moved to California in the crisis period economic crisis of the  !930s.

   Novel, contreversial, is considered not only fiction but reality as it is of social protest emotional, has become a classic in American literature.  As one of the 'monument' literarture from the 1930s , Steinbeck took the central theme wa the quiet dignity of the people miserable, the oprressed.

   Although his character is often surrounded in unfair world. they still hold ourselves as human beings with sympathy and with heroism, but can be subduel.  John Steinbeck received Nobel Prize in 1962.

   In the night gathered to sing togethr ???? Such, Ambassador Cabot Lodge also remove jackets out to sing. I also hd the opportunity to meet famous artits Peter Seeger, folk Viking USA:

    Peter Seeger (born May 3, 1919), also known as Pete Seeger, as a musician, singer and country music as political activits.  He is also a member of the Weaves, but also wrote many songs, including a recording of 'Goodnight Irene' has topped the charts for 13 weeks in 1950.

    He is also a former member of the US Communist Party and who have major contribu-
tion to folk music and is the pioneer of the anti- war movement in the music of the 50s and the year 60.  He was author famous anti- war song 'Where have All the Flowers Gone'?

    He is also the author of Uncle Hồ song Teacher. (Uncle Ho- Teacher).

                                       Meet with Vietnamese musicians + writers.

    1944, I am the brother of burden Mucsic artist Tân Đức Huy, Troiupe of Tourane.
(Đà nẵng).

                                                                            Phạm Duy (left) said that he have never meet
                                                                         anyone who is as 'poetic' as Lưu trọng Lư (right)

   Đà nẵng is a beautiful city on the Hàn River, the East Coast with the attractive features unmatched in other sea cities. I go to visit Chàm Museum admire a brillant Chàm culture, ancient statues, mascot of the church, the symbol of a prosperous nation in the hours just past.

    This is the only museum of Chàm culture in the world and its values beyond its borders Việtnam.  The most intersting is I met him that his cherished poet Lưu trọng Lư immen-

   At that time he was teaching at the school Phan bội Châu (or Phan chu Trinh?). After hearing me perform at the theater, the next day he insisted on dragging me up to the trailer, taking me to school to sing for his students to hear.  Until now, I have not met anyone as romantic as Lưu trọng Lư poet.

    Never having heard of him he was very distracted.  See you then look his appearance also saw him as a golden deer bewildered.  Had someone told me how he took money shopping for offerings but on this occasion his wife had on opium and miss it!


                              Lê Thương, Trần văn Trạch and Đức Quỳnh

    In 1951, when I lived in Saigon on, I have 3 friends that Lê Thương[ musician}, Trần văn Trạch [singer] and Đức Quỳnh. [musician + singer].

                                                                Lê Thương (right) making poetry flying butterflies but simple life

  Lê Thương leave Bến Tre province, he worked as a teacher in Saigon.  His small house is Võ Tánh is where I come to play every day, or ask him to buy the French press as Paris Match, wrote the bookstore at Portail Catinat or invite him to eat hang out.  Le Commerce poems, make music, butterfly, but he had a very simple life.

    Before, I only knew Le Commerce through the great song like 'The Men Spring,' Fall On Island Jingzhou',' A Green Day',  she Hà Tiên and Part I of the immortal story' Hòn vọng phu'.  Now I get more of all Mrs. Justice Sales, all 48 Peace, the United Nations, Sài Thành Village, Burning or Not Burning Telephone, The Clock, Mosquito Five train.

    Trần văn Trạch is a singer Chanteur de charme, sang song ???? mouth, no repertoire shooting, fly planes and bombed by mouth, or humorous songs like this.  At Théophine dancing, singing Trạch often much all our West and a few items.

    Đức Quỳnh, oh oh vocals, floating hair nd coarse teeth.  But always elegantly dressed, always wearing suits, bow ties, even though the weather was very hot Saigon.

    Đức Quỳnh has composed a song titles 'Three Hours Late' that sing in Dancing Théophile Trạch.  Then also write down 'HK Sild' (poet Nguyễn Bính) 'The Enginner Female With Supply Forum', 'Ask me',  borehold, 'Returns UK.  He also composed two song for chilhood is braying mule and Procession of Lights in August.

    Then I went to Saigon, the unfortunate realization that is met Nguyễn đức Quỳnh two writers, Lê văn Trương.  At the talks the vision, Nguyễn đức Quỳnh teach me hunbly.  In it, Lê văn Trương taught me a hero. []

    phạm duy
     (Blog Phạm Duy)

                                                                           nguyễn đức quỳnh writer  [ 1909- saigon 1974)

                                                                                           (trích từ blog Thế Phong)


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